Lady Lavender

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There, before me, stood a beautiful lady, in a dream-like silhouette against the sun’s glare.  In her cool lavender sun dress and wide-brimmed straw hat, she seemed to be a part of the rich history of this place.  Was I delirious from the heat?  As I wiped the perspiration from my eyes to get a better look, the lady gave me a smile.  After settling my mysterious guest in the shade of the big pecan tree, I went inside to pour a glass of Lady Lavender wine for her.  Upon my return and discovering that she had disappeared, I sit under the pecan tree, enjoying the delightful libation, and silently celebrating the beautiful spirit who had inspired this delicious cool break.

Lady Lavender is made with our blanc du bois grapes, then infused with culinary lavender.

Serve chilled.

Food Pairings: fish, poultry, white pasta dishes

Estate grown grapes used in wine.

750 ml bottle