Wine Made In Texas

We here at Windy Winery are passionate about creating new and unique wine combinations that delight the senses.  Windy Winery thrives on being bold and innovative in their boutique winery, and it shows in their products.  Flavor combinations such as the Heritage – a refreshingly smooth blend of Blanc Du Bois grapes and cranberries or the Lady Lavender – a light, bright combination of Blanc Du Bois grapes and exceptional quality culinary lavender to delight the senses.    In true Texas style, we created Jal-spice – a sweet Lenior grapes infused with fresh, local jalapenos that delivers the beloved combination of sweet and spicy in this palate tantalizing favorite.

At Windy Winery, you’ll find our relaxed, homestyle hospitality awaits you with every sip.

We enjoy popping the cork on one of our signature wines, and we hope that you do, too.  Come join us and experience Windy Winery for yourselves!

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